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Typhoid Fever And How It Can Be Prevented

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Typhoid fever is a severe bacterial infection which occurs in areas where sanitary conditions are poor thereby permitting contamination of foods and water with infected faeces.

Eating contaminated raw vegetables and fruits, milk and milk products, contaminated hands and also houseflies predisposes individuals to typhoid fever infection.

But how can one prevent this disease?

1. Preventing the invasion of houseflies by improving our environment and sanitation

2. Careful food preparation and washing of hands are crucial to preventing typhoid fever

3. Provision of safe drinking water E.g pipe borne water

4. Washing of fruits and vegetables with salt solution before eating

5. Known carriers of the infection should not handle foods

6. And finally, Sanitation and personal hygiene are the critical measures that can be taken to prevent typhoid as proper disposal of faeces is key.

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