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How I cure my infection using Negro pepper and Bagaruwa.

Bagaruwa has been use by women especially northern women after birth since ancient time to bring back their dignity. Women use bagaruwa to treat infections, and to tighten the honey pot yes it tighten our honey pot making it to stay fresh, healthy and smell nice.

Bagaruwa is also called Acacia.

OK so let's talk about what yeast infections is and the symptoms;

Yeast infections is a type of inflammation of the vagina that cause irritation, thick discharge from your honey pot and it comes with intense itchiness of the vagina and the vulva -the tissues at the opening of the vagina.

Symptoms of yeast infections include;

* Whitish -gray discharge

* Intense vagina itching

* Swelling around the vagina

* Soreness of the vagina or the vulva

* Pain during sex

* Redness

* Burning during urination

* Burning during sex

Yeast infections can make your honey pot bring out offensive smell or fishy smell.

Yeast infection can also make your honey pot loses it tightness.

Are you suffering from infections, or do you see whitish or gray stain on your panties? Is the intimate area of your vagina itching and at the same time giving out offensive smell? Your honey pot needs to smell nice and Clean so that you can proudly open up for your man. It is every lady's desire to stay fresh in and out.

Bagaruwa has the ability to cure infections,tighten the vagina, boost women fertility and promote healing after birth.

Bagaruwa also has the ability to reduce menstrual symptoms like cramps , bloating and heavy bleeding

Bagaruwa mix is for you if you suffer from this or has any of the symptoms.

Bagaruwa mix can be use in two ways;

First method



* Wash the seeds and crush

* Put it into a pot and add water

* Bring it to a boil with little cloves, until the colour the changes to brown and you take it off fire.

* Place it down and allow it to cool for small time.

Please check to see that the water is not too hot to avoid burning your self.

You will sit bath inside for steaming.

Pour the water into your bucket and sit on it to steam. Steaming helps your honey pot to tighten and remain fresh. It also do away with infections.

Second Method;


Hwentia ( Negro pepper)

Empty Container

* Wash the bagaruwa and the negro pepper.

* Put the ingredients into the empty Container and add water to it.

* Leave it for overnight or till the colour of the water changes to brown

You can drink this mixture or use it to wash your honey pot both give the same result.

Health benefit of which you will get from using Bagaruwa Mix;

* It boost women fertility

* It tighten and makes the honey pot smell nice and fresh always

* It cure infections

* It treat symptoms of infections

Please give it a try and I am sure that you will love the result.

Please if there is any question, you can do that at the comment section.

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Acacia Bagaruwa


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