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Health Benefits Of Banana

In our daily lives, we eat fruits, vegetables, cereals among others, but our main focus for this article is banana and their benefits.

Here are some benefits of Banana

1.Banana helps improve the digestive system and heart function.

According to research dietary fiber improves the digestive system. In research by Singapore's Health Promotion Board, it is recommended that the daily dietary fiber intake of women should be 20g and that of men should be 26kg

Note: Ripe bananas 3g of fiber.

These fibers help in controlling blood sugar levels and also helps in getting rid of fatty substances.

2.Banana aids in weight loss.

Since eating more fibers from vegetables and fruit can help you lose weight so does bananas.

Eating a banana a day can help in your weight loss. Aside from that, banana is a heavy food so eating one or two a day can take you half the day or the whole day without eating.

3.Banana is a great source of vitamin B6.

When eating Banana the body absorbs vitamin B6 from fruit which helps in the following ways;

a.Helps promote brain health.

b. Prevents Nausea during pregnancy.

c.Reduces the risk of heart diseases.

d. Promotes a healthy nervous system.

e. Produces red blood cells.

4.Banana helps nourish your skin( including rubbing the peel on your skin)

Because Banana contains magnesium and vitamin A, it helps treat the skin in the following ways

a.Helps treat acne

b. Has anti-aging effects

These are some benefits of bananas.

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