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Updates on COVID-19 measures: Are we not tired?

Yesterday, after a long period of hiatus, the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo came on our television screens to give an update on the measures taken against spread of Coronavirus. Yesterday's update would be the 25th one since the beginning of the series at the onset of Covid-19 last year.

When the flyers that was to inform the public of the upcoming update was posted, many murmured the question- is this still relevant?

The pandemic was more fearful at the immediate onset. People got scared and tried hard to adhere to all the safety protocols as prescribed by World Health organisation (WHO). Ghana moved on cautiously till the campaign season for the 2020 general elections came, and all cautions were thrown to the marines.

After the elections, it became as if the pandemic was over in our part of the world until the infections started rising in terms of numbers. Then suddenly, the government reignited the campaign to minimise the effect of our own reckless actions.

By now, the routine and almost biweekly updates from the President on measures taken against the spread of the disease had taken a back seat. Nobody was upbeat about the update anymore, and even if they were, the content of whatever the President was going to say was no longer of major interests. Hitherto, Ghanaians stay glue to their TV sets and alert on social media to hear what the update the President might give, what new measures are going to be implemented and how it is going to affect their daily movement.

These expectations have faded because, for the past three or four updates from the President, nothing concrete and had been said, and no major policy shift had been announced. Yesterday for instance, many were those who till this morning did not even know that the President had given an update on Covid-19, and those who did, many of them did not bother to find out what he actually said.

The update, for me is no longer relevant, and if it must continue, then a new and innovative mode of updates needs to be developed. This current mode looks uninteresting. 

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Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo


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