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Three weeks home treatment for ulcer

Ulcer is a deadly disease that kills many acutely. Many people do not know what ulcer means. Due to the English word, it looks too big to be understand by many. Ulcer is nothing but a wound in the stomach. Those of you who work forgetting that there is something called food, please rethink because it is deadly. You know, when you have a cut on your body, due to the air that blows on it, it gets healed but wound in the stomach does not get healed easily.

It is advisable not to eat anything pepperish if you are an ulcer patient. Garlic is also a no go area. At the hospital, you may be given amoxicillin and so on and you will be advised to be eating at a regular intervals not necessarily because you are hungry.

However, I am here to tell you how simple it is to cure ulcer. God is good to mankind. You don't need to spend huge sum of money before you are cured of ulcer.

You need the following: egg shell, Koko or tea every morning.

Egg shell, yes I mean egg shell. The egg shell that we throw away is the cure for ulcer. You know, everything around us is made by God to help us become comfortable. Knowledge about it's use is what is lacking in us and it's putting much pressure on us financially. If you cannot buy the eggs, don't worry. Go to noodles sellers and tell them to pack the egg shells for you.

Method of preparation:

Grind the egg shell into powder. Some people always ask if it's cooked egg's shell or uncooked one. To get the best results, get the uncooked egg shell. After grinding it into powder, you are good to cure your ulccer.

Do you take hausa Koko or any kind of Koko? Or you like morning tea. Every morning, help me by putting a portion of the powdered egg shell into the tea or Koko that you are about to take. Please, you can add suger as you have been doing before, no problem. All you need is the presence of the powdered egg shell in the Koko or tea. Take this everyday for three weeks and say bye bye to ulcer.

Please, grind it well my brothers and sisters.

Please like, comment, follow and share for ulcer patients to be cured. Let's save money in this hard times.

Those who are into livestock farming, I will get you sorted out soon. Just follow me and you will soon get yours.

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