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The Medicinal Power Of Garlic To Cure Tuberculosis, Ringworm, Gonorrhea, Malaria Fever, Worm etc



Get 20 - 25 pieces of native apple, 3 bulbs of garlic, grind and add a bottle of original honey. Take 1 spoon 3 times a day for 1 month.


STEP 1:-

Garlic is known for its antifungal properties which makes it the ideal alternative remedy for ringworm. Garlic has been known to kill small ringworm patches in 10 - 12 hours.

STEP 2:-

Cut garlic cloves in half lengthways and place in a bowl and set aside. Apply cut garlic cloves by rubbing them directly on the ringworm patches, use one clove per ringworm patch.

STEP 3:-

As each patch dries, cover it with an adhesive bandage, repeat all steps twice per day and do not get the ringworm patches wet before applying it.




plantain root juice is very effective in the treatment of gonorrhea, staphylococcus and syphilis. Traditional doctors kept this information as secret from the public and they used this system to treat and heal their patients.

STEP 1:-

After washing the root, make sure it is not infected. Extract the juice by pounding locally in a mortar or use juice machine. Do away with chaff and add little honey to the juice and take four tablespoon every morning and evening for 60 days. Use this method for the sexually transmitted diseases that is less than 12 months in the body.

STEP 2:-

Get 3 - 4 pieces of wonderful kola, ginger and garlic and cut into pieces. Put all in a bottle with lime orange juice. Take 2 spoonful everyday until its over.


Avoid mosquitoes attack, remove broken bottles and cans that harbour water from the compound and surroundings as these act as mosquito breeding homes. Sleep under mosquito net.

Herbal Remedies :

STEP 1:-

Chew 1 fresh bulb of garlic with a lot of water first thing in the morning. Garlic is called "Nature's Antibiotic" it detoxify and rejuvenate every thing in the body with which it comes in contact. A wonderful herb! One for 3 days.

STEP 2:-

Combine yellow pawpaw leaves with dogoyaro, lemon grass, orange peels, bitter leaves, goat weed, mango leaves and its back, guava leaves and water. Boil the combination and take half glass three times daily with garlic oil.


Eat 1 - 5 cloves of garlic daily for one week with a cup of water.

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