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Check how to prepare this "Back To The Sender" ointment for breakthrough and protection

Protection is one of the essentials of life, a human without protection is like a walking corpse. Prayer and the blood of Jesus saves, protects and do all for human but God also gave us herbs to cater for our needs.

There are some spirit beings in charge of every situation that happens in this life and that spirit beings have something they are allergic to, drive them away or make them powerless.

People fall into snares that leads them into imprisonment, untimely death, poverty and many plaques which were programmed in the spirit realm by demons and enemies and fired into their lives, but because there was no or little protection around them they become victims of that arrows.

There are problems which cannot go by prayer alone that is why some were healed by touching the garment of Christ, some by rubbing soil on their eyes and others by aprons and handkerchiefs.

Curses are one of the things that makes a lot of people suffer a lot in life. It may be that you are innocent but a curse hanging in your family and fighting your parents can hunt you down.

This pomade is not something to joke with or make for a friend or an outsider except for yourself, husband, wife or children.

Just get Olive oil, Castor leaves, and Aidan fruit.

Dry and burn the Aidan fruit and the Castor leave.

Sieve the Ashes and mix the Sieved ashe in the olive oil and use it as your pomade only in the evening when going to bed thank you. Please help like and share to other and let's break some chains.

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