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If You Want To Prevent "Heart Attack" And "Prostate Cancer" Do This -Lady Disclose During Live Show

Hello wonderful readers!! Welcome back once again to my article. In this article, I bring to you another episode about an update and trending video surfacing social media and can educate you alongside. Kindly follow me if you've not yet done so to receive any of my authentic and quality articles.

We mostly hear of heart attack among various individuals especially the men. Some have speculated this assertion to be mainly a result of "broken heart" which is quite undoubted. However, scientists whom we know are responsible and expects in professing the actual cause, have also claimed that heart attack is mainly caused by Coronary Artery Disease whereby the building up of fatty deposits including cholesterol forms a substance called plaques, which narrow the arteries.

Likewise Prostate Cancer which has also been speculated as a result of men's inability to release semen due to prolonged duration of intercourse. But as usual, medical claims are often prioritized and that, they claim prostate cancer is mainly due to changes in male sex hormone that comes with aging.

However, though there are numerous remedies or preventions laid down by medical specialists and other experts, I therefore mainly bring to you in this article an important remedy disclosed by a lady during a live show which I'm sure most of us might probably have heard of or encountered somewhere.

According to the lady, if you want to prevent heart attack and prostate cancer, you need "five times sex" in a week. She elaborated her claim that, her assertion doesn't guarantee you budgeting and having intercourse once a day. As such she gave a scenario that, you can even have two or three in a day and have the next with the middle of the week, and conclude with the final one during weekends.

She was further asked during the show if you can exceed the given number, which she affirmed to and admonished it as very good and profitable.

You can also watch the video by clicking the link below:


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