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Protect yourself from bad luck with these leaves.

Shield yourself from misfortune with this leaves 

The soul of awful impact won't bite the dust until you assault it. The way that you are in another year doesn't mean profound assaults left you in the old year. Today I need to give you the otherworldly advantages of utilizing the akan named Kontomire leaves in facing profound conflicts. 

Kontomire is a leave acquired from cocoyam leaves. They are profoundly nutritious in the battle against hypertension when you make it your every day suppers. Simply add not many leaves to your food when preparing, pound it with onions and peppers and appreciate it with palm oil or frytol oil. Numerous additionally utilizes it to treat diabetes by granulating it. For diabetic patients, get bunches of Kontomire leaves and granulate it with water. Wash the water from the feed and heat up the water for ten minutes. 

Add a smidgen of milk to it to taste better or on the off chance that you can burn through it without anything, do it toward the beginning of the day and in the evening. Continue to do it for twenty days or more relying upon how forceful your condition is. You will be liberated from diabetes inside a month. You can continue to utilize it every once in a while to recuperate you totally from any further diabetes entanglements. 

The profound advantages is on profoundly assaulted people. Loads of people continues grumbling of awful fates encompassing their life. Whatever they do, it goes sideways with them and continually winding up on the awful side of life. This implies you are encircled by terrible spirits that doesn't need you to succeed. Get not many cocoyam leaves, and meal them for few moments. 

First wash it a long time prior to simmering it to ensure nothing has contaminated it. Broil two leaves and spot them on the entryway front prompting your room. After washing, remain on it with your two legs. One leave, One leg and say each awful soul encompassing my life, I obliterate them with the leaves of my blood. The leaves of your blood is an old name for Cocoyam Leaves or Kontomire in light of the fact that it gives you more blood when you eat it. 

The leaves will scrub you of any contaminated misfortune spirits from that day going. Do it for seven days and you will be free totally. The leaves doesn't fix you of misfortune spirits however it drives them away so continue to do it whenever you sense misfortune in all that you do. Try not to do it for somebody since you can't do it for somebody. Just a mother of twins can stand and do it for her twins. With that, the twins should nearer to the mother before it can work. Utilize your correct leg for the more modest twin and the left leg for the senior or developed twin when you remain on the leaves.

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