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Five Possible Reasons Your Sweat Smells Really Bad According To Health Experts

Some things are nasty. But are true. Did you ever deliberately or accidentally smell your sweat and thought, “not bad. Very good, in fact!” Is it the sense of familiarity? Or is it the pheromones? We’ll let that remain unanswered for a while because today’s article is about the stench that is bad, not the good one! While sweating is a universal phenomenon, what is in them that makes you irk sometimes? If you ever wondered, here’s the answer. Read through this particular write-up to know those five reasons why your pits have that stink, for, sweat (as such) doesn’t have an offensive odor.

What You Eat. The correlation of what you eat and how you smell is a well-established one. You dine in the Italian eat place and the whole of next day you smell like one too, don’t you? This happens when you eat foods rich in sulfur. That means onions, garlic, and other foods belonging to the allium family. This essentially happens because when these foods containing organosulfur are broken down, they are released into the bloodstream. This eventually moves out of the body via the lungs through exhaled air and through the pores of the skin in the form of sweat. This is exactly why your nose and the body smell like onion and garlic when you consume them in large quantities.

What You Wear. The battle had always been there. Synthetic Vs. Natural. Yet again, natural wins because synthetic fibers like polyester tend to trap sweat in them without absorbing it as cotton would. Consequentially, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that give off the fishy, funky odor. The worst thing you could do is wear a polyester T-shirt when you hit the gym. The clothes apparently look fresh because they have the ability to keep water from adhering to the surface but also remember that the sweat isn’t absorbed either. They just remain trapped causing the stench. A study was conducted on the amount of bad odor coming from synthetic clothes and cotton ones used by bicyclers immediately after their cycling sessions. They found out that polyester had a more intense and unpleasant smell and could also isolate bacteria from most of those fabrics . Instead, wear cotton clothes when you know you would sweat because cotton absorbs it all and leaves a chance for it to evaporate.

What You Spray. The next time you empty a bottle of perfume/deodorant remember that these products, unlike antiperspirants, only mask the odor for a while and when it is gone, the stench is not only back, it is more offensive now. The constituents of a perfume or deodorant can potentially disturb the bacterial population in the armpit. It can disrupt the balance and eradicates the good bacteria, which is, in fact, more necessary to the body. Refrain from frequent use of deodorants if you feel the stench is more intense after the deodorant fades off.

What You Poop (look for the double O). So, in a condition called FBO (Fecal Body Syndrome), a person smells like poop. This could be because of various reasons. One of the reasons is that the gas formed due to bad digestion sometimes escapes through the skin. Also, when you are constipated, a lot of toxins tend to get accumulated in the body which finds their way out through the skin. Plus, it could also be possible that parts of the fecal matter you eliminate from the body can take a reverse turn and combine in the blood stream which again goes into the sweat. Treatments like consuming probiotics and activated charcoal are said to be good for a problem like this. However, if this is how you smell, you must visit the doctor without further delay.

What’s With The Hormones? When the body is in a stressful situation, the stress hormone cortisol is released. As an immediate response, the body perspires profusely which facilitates the growth of more bacteria. Also, the drop in estrogen levels during the menopausal phase causes frequent perspiration, specifically in the night which we call as the “night sweats.” These hot flashes also tend to promote bacterial growth which culminates to a malodorous body..Everything from what you eat to what you poop matters when it comes to body odor. Regular showers, good diet, and wearing breathable fabrics are some practices that you must inculcate to keep your body odor-free. How do you tackle with sweat and body odor? Any tips to share? Comment below to let people know.

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