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Reasons You Talk In Your Sleep

It is common to hear people talking in their sleep but not be able to remember what they said when they wake up. This article will discuss exactly what causes it and when to see a doctor.

Sleep talking is a medical term called dream language. However, this is considered a normal event and not a problem. Some will speak for a few seconds, while others will speak for longer.According to Healthine, it happens in 4 stages. In the first two stages, the speech is clear and understandable. However, in stages 3 and 4, you can barely understand what the sleep talker is saying.

The exact cause of the sleep talk is unknown. It usually occurs on its own and is usually harmless. It is also age-related, as it is more common in children than in adults. It can also be a sign of a sleep disorder or a health condition.

Other factors found to be strongly associated with sleep talking include some medications, emotional stress, fever, mental health conditions, and substance abuse, according to WebMd.

While talking during sleep is not considered harmless, nor is it a medical emergency, it is important to see a doctor if the condition is severe or even affects sleep quality.

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