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Global covid-19 cases released by John Hopkins University - Death cases rise to 2,471,338

Coronavirus has become the burden of all Nations across the world as we keep on struggling to end this pandemic. The yoke has been on our heads since 2019 and it is still making waves nationwide. Scientists have come up with vaccines that many countries have started administering but yet still the cases are still escalating.

There are still active cases though but people still recover. Some patients also do not make it and die in the process. John Hopkins University which is based in the United States of America has come out with a global statistics on all active cases, recoveries, as well as deaths. The university is keenly following and tracking the rise and fall of active cases globally.

In a new communique released by the university, global confirmed cases is 111,627,133. Recovered is 62,943,739. Deaths 2,471,338. Medical experts across the globe are still working tirelessly day in and day out to curb this global menace that has made things standstill. There is economic holocaust and meltdown in the world due to this pandemic. This too shall surely pass.

See chart below:

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