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Typhoid Fever: Causes, Symptoms And Prevention Of Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is a common disease that is caused by a serious bacterial infection that easily spreads through contaminated water and food. It is very important one lookout for the symptoms of Typhoid fever which as follows: high fever, weakness, stomach pain, headache, poor appetite, rash, fatigue, confusion, constipation, diarrhea.

While the prevention of Typhoid fever is quite simple and is the basic principles of personal hygiene, and which are:

1. Don’t drink directly from the tap.

Drinking directly from the tap is not hygienic because bacteria are airborne so it is advisable to drink directly from the tap.

2. Don’t eat raw produce unless you can peel it yourself after washing your hands.

3. Don’t touch your face unless you’ve just washed your hands

4. Avoid direct contact with people who are sick

5. If you’re sick, avoid other people, wash your hands often, and don’t prepare or serve food

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