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Burst These Myths & Eat Okra(Okro) For Good Health.

Myths surround almost everything in this life and Okra, also known as lady's fingers in many English speaking countries is not an exception.

Some of the myths are that, okra has little nutritional benefits and produces phlemns within the human body but on the contrary, okra is very rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre, folic acid, vitamins B5, C, A, and protein.

Okra also contains essential minerals including magnisium and iron hence, the next time you are considering a healthy meal, consider okra as one of your ingredients because, it is good for pregnant women, people with heart conditions, diabetics, and its antioxidant properties are good against many cancers.

Popular Ghanaian dishes that go well with okra include banku and okra soup or stew, eba with okra stew, akple with okra soup or soup among many others. Some also prefer to have a couple of okra fingers as part of their light soup, groundnut soup or palmnut soup and it perfectly matches a Sunday afternoon fufu at a favorite chop bar. Just by the way, what types of food is okra used to prepare in your community?

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