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5 Warning Signs of High Cholesterol in Your Body

This article focuses on some signs to look out for in order to save your life from a silent killer disease known as high cholesterol. It’s referred to as a silent killer because it has no direct symptoms and you only notice it when it’s already putting you at risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and other severe illnesses. The only way to tell whether your cholesterol levels are too high is to get a regular blood test but since not everyone can afford to see a doctor for regular check-ups, knowing these early signs can be a lifesaver. Below are five common signs of high cholesterol that should prompt you to consult a medical professional immediately.

1. Numbness 

In extreme cases when there’s excess Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in the body, it coats the arterial walls, which eventually leads to hardening of the arteries and in turn causes a feeling of numbness commonly in the legs and feet but arms and hands in rare cases.

2. Chest Pains 

Due to the need for the heart to work harder than usual to circulate blood when there's hardening and plaque along your arteries, you’re likely to experience chest pains also called angina. They don't always lead to a heart attack but it is a common indicator of a weakened or overexerting heart. Something not to take lightly.

3. Shortness of Breath 

Part of the poor circulation and cardiovascular strain that high cholesterol causes include tiredness or shortness of breath. Even with minimal physical exertion, you'll find that just a little bit of walking or exercise makes it difficult for you to breathe. This might even cause you to feel light-headed or dizzy. 

4. Memory Issues

Due to the poor blood circulation caused by excessive cholesterol levels in the body, it can also cause some memory problems. This is because reduced flow to the brain can affect memory and cause mental impairment, leading to a lack of concentration. This is also a sign of an impending stroke or heart attack.

5. High Blood Pressure 

Bad cholesterol, commonly referred to as LDL tends to build up inside the body especially along the walls of arteries. When that happens, the arteries become narrow and force your heart to work doubly hard to circulate blood properly, consequently causing your blood pressure to rise above normal levels.

While prevalent, these signs are also indications that your cholesterol levels have started to cause serious problems that require immediate medical attention and lifestyle changes for long healthy life. Be a good friend, share this with them and save a precious life.

Thanks for reading. See you again soon.

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