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These 5 Things Will Happen To Your Body 14 Days After Staying Away From Sugar

We have all heard several times that sugar is not good for the body due to the several health conditions they come with. Below are 5 things that will happen to your body 14 days or 2 weeks after staying completely away from sugar. 

1. Lose appetite for sugar

When people are advised to reduce their sugar intake due to the health risks they pose, they often find it hard. This is because sugar consumption leads to a release in some hormones in the brain that makes you crave for it more thus leading to some getting addicted to it. After about 14 days of staying away from sugar, that appetite for it is either reduced drastically or gone entirely. 

2. Less Hungry

After 14 days of staying away from sugar, your blood sugar levels stabilize and the cells in your body get truly fed. This is because, due to sugar being toxic to the body, the body builds "insulin resistance" to prevent the toxins in sugar from harming the body, the same effort of the body in resisting insulin also has the side effect of also resisting the absorption of some essential nutrients and minerals present in some healthy food, leaving the cells in the body that need the nutrients deprived. 

This nutrients deprivation of the cells thus leads to the body signaling hunger. Staying away from sugar for an extended period thus reduces frequent hunger conditions. 

3. Less Fatigue

The body often gets slightly fatigued after meals. This is because after meals blood sugar levels rise. This increased blood sugar level combined with having a high sugar diet leads to excessive sugar or glucose for the body and brain to process and consume, thus leading to extreme fatigue

4. You will lose more water and fat

A decrease in high-sugar diets reduces insulin and leptin resistance which are linked to weight gain and excess body fat. 

5. Increased cognitive functions

Elevated glucose in the bloodstream contributes to slowed cognitive function and deficits in memory and attention. Thus after about 14 days of cutting away from sugar, one would start to feel some level of clear-headedness and increased focus.

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