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The Consequences of Eating Banana

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What happens when a person eats a banana? Is Banana always good for the body? And have you noticed any side effect or adverse effects ever since you started eating a banana? In this article, I will walk you through the health benefit of eating a banana. If you like this fruit, then, you will discover what it does to your body when it is eaten.

Banana is one of the most widely consumed fruits in Ghana and beyond. It is common to come by and not expensive to get. It is eaten by almost all the tribes such as the Ewes, Akans, Gas and many more. It is mostly sold on the market and in some shops set along the road. Unlike plantain, a banana cannot be eaten when it doesn't ripen. Some people prefer to purchase the unripe fingers of the fruit and then, keep it in a secluded place until it is ripened.

The truth of the matter is, while banana is eaten almost every day, the consumers have no idea of what happens to their body when this fruit is eaten. Also, the sweetness of this fruit ushers consumers into eating as many fingers without thinking of the consequences that will befall their body.Image 2: Sliced ripened banana in a bowl

Studies have shown that just a finger of ripened banana is enough for the body. It gives the required nutritional value and keeps your body safe rather than being a poison. Remember, too much of everything is bad. When more fingers are eaten, the body takes what it needs and the rest becomes a burden. It is also recommended that a finger of this fruit is consumed every day, however, if you are allergic to it, then, desist from taking it.

If you like eating a banana, the consequences are positive except you are allergic to it. This fruit is good for people who like eating too much salt. This means that it is also recommended for people who have been diagnosed as having Hypertension or want to avoid it. Besides, it helps prevent constipation. In case you are wondering how Banana does all the aforementioned, let me elaborate.

1. Banana and Hypertension Image 3: The heart

Banana contains a high amount of potassium, especially the exotic one. Potassium is needed to balance the salt (sodium) content in a person's body. As a person consumes more salt, he is prone to having blood pressure issues. This is because sodium, being a component of salt, draws more water from the extracellular space into the intravascular space causing the heart to overwork and eventually increasing the blood pressure.

When a person eats a banana, more potassium is released to balance or neutralize the sodium content. Sodium is regulated and when that happens, blood pressure is also maintained at a normal level.

2. Banana and constipationImage 4: The stomach

Another thing worth noting is that banana contains a high amount of fibre. So when it is eating every day, it helps easy digestion of food in the stomach, hence, preventing constipation. You should eat a finger of banana after every diet to aid proper digestion.

Make it a habit to eat a finger of banana every day and you will do yourself a lot of good.

Do you love eating a banana? Do you want me to answer more of the questions that are bothering you regarding this teaching? If yes, leave your questions in the comment section.

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[The article was written by Agyemang Seth Darko, a certified nurse]

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