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'Hard Guy You Weep Like A Child'- Policeman Cries Bitterly During Covid 19 Vaccination

During the time of the Corona Virus Pandemic, all that we Ghanaians were praying for was the cure. The world health organization gave the world a long time for us to look forward to the readiness of the cure.

Finally in February when a vaccine was out for the first to take it was Ghana. America even warned its citizens to stay away from Ghana because Ghana is at risk for taking the vaccine as a first country.

When the vaccine was introduced in the country most Ghanaians made it clear that they will never take the cure. This made the President of Ghana be the first to take the Vaccine. In doing so his followers also took the vaccine to prove leadership by example.

The interesting side is a policeman who was considered a protector of a country was seen crying bitterly in the course of taking the Covid 19 Vaccine. This arose a rumor that the Vaccine might be painful or contagious to the human body.

When Ghanaians saw this picture most of them are claiming they will never accept such a painful vaccine if a policeman is crying in such a way.

What is your opinion on this article?. Will you take the Covid 19 vaccine?.

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