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No Bank, Shop, Restaurant, School & Church Should Open from Today, 22nd February (OPINION)

No Shops, Restaurant, School, & Church Should Open from Today, 22nd February (OPINION)

To start with, Good Morning to all my readers and trust our nights were good. I am sure that we all know the rate at which the COVID-19 virus is increasing in our country, especially Greater Accra.

As at 18th February, I am so surprised that we recorded about 418 new cases. At the moment, we have about 70,348 recoveries and about 568 casualties in the country.

I wonder where all these figures are coming from even though the Ghana Ministry of Health laid down some certain protocols to be followed. There is certainly no big deal in wearing a face mask, washing of hands, avoiding massive gatherings and so on.

We are also aware the government are trying their very best to get a vaccine. The WHO also confirmed that there is no Vaccine at the moment for the deadly disease.

However, to curb the further spread of the deadly disease, no Bank, shop, restaurant, school, and church should open from Today, 22nd February.

We are aware of the massive range of people that patronize these places daily and this is certainly a threat to the nation.

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