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Fear of erectile dysfunction scaring away Krobos from getting vaccinated

False and deceptive information is scaring away many of the Krobos from getting a shot of the COVID-19 vaccine in their arms, to protect themselves against the flu-like disease.

Dealing with the outright lies and deception, has become a huge concern and this is giving the health authorities in the Manya Krobo District sleepless nights.

Out of the area’s population of over 50,000, just 282 of them have been fully vaccinated against the disease.

Some of the deceptive information doing the rounds are that the vaccine causes erectile dysfunction and menstrual disorders.

There is also the element of politics as rumors swirl that a substance has been added to the vaccine that could sway people, to vote for the governing party in the 2024 general election.

Esther Dua Oyinka, the District Director of Health Service, has dismissed these as all untrue and says it is incredible that anybody should fall for such deception.

The high vaccine hesitancy gives cause for worry, especially with the discovery of a new variant of the virus – ‘Omicron’ that is said to have high transmissibility. 

Starting, next month, commercial drivers and motorbike riders across the country would have to show proof of having received a jab in their arms.

The police on road checks are going to inspect their vaccination cards alongside driving licenses. This is part of a raft of measures introduced as part of the country’ mandatory vaccination policy.

The policy has already kicked in, but the enforcement is going to start in January, according to the Health Minister, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu. Speaking at the launch of the national vaccination month in Accra, he said public sector workers would not be allowed into their workplaces if they did not carry with them vaccination certificates and they would be losing their salary should they stay out of work because they did not have vaccination certificates.

People without vaccination were also not going to be allowed into the stadia to watch football matches and would not be admitted to restaurants, pubs and the beaches.

All students, who are aged from 15 years and their teachers are expected to be vaccinated, beginning, the next academic year.

Content created and supplied by: KyeretwienanaOseiBonsu (via Opera News )

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