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Benefits of Green tea and its importance to our daily fitness that you should know.

Green tea is a type if tea leaf that is made from carnellia sinensis leaves, its originated from China and India it is highly in nutrients that is good for the body and health.Green leaf has benefit so many people in the world, today tea consumed more widely than any other beverages in the world. Studies show that, there are 3 main type of tea green leaf black leaf and oolong tea.

Today we are talking about green tea and it's benefit to your health.

It improve brain function because of anti oxidate in it blood reached in nutrients flows to major organs in the body.

It's also protect brain from aging, since 1990s green tea has been there for our great grand mothers for their healthy fitness .

Greet tea helps prevent cardiovascular disease in our daily way it create patent way to the veins that help in flow of blood in our system.

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