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Local herbs for treating tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is caused by a bacterium called mycobacterium tuberculosis.It spread when a person with active TB disease cough or sneeze . Its also a potentially serious infectious diseases that mainly affect the lungs. Treatment of tuberculosis is often base on antibiotic, but today i will be teaching you some local medicine that will help treat and manage a patient with tuberculosis.

Common Symptoms of a person with TB.

Chest pains when breathing, chronic cough, blood in cough, chill, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, malaise, sweating in the night, phegm, swellen lymph muscle atrophy etc

Herb that help to manage Tuberculosis.


1-Acanthospermum hispidum plant

2- Cloves


Dry the leaves of Acanthospermum hispidum, crush them or pound them with the cloves to obtain a powder.


Take 1 teaspoon of the powder obtained twice a day for about 1 to 3 months.

You can go for test after treatment.

NB: Take this powder with lukewarm water a diabetic patient can also take.

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Cloves Herb Tuberculosis


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