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These 7 Foods are the Reasons your Body Can't Reduce in Size

Some people in Ghana would like to grow a bit lean as that is perceived to be healthy, though not the case but mostly to fit in clothes is another reason one opts to be lean.

Another reason is the believe that being lean is good for sexual activities and close door 4 play, most might have tried it and it worked.

Mostly being a bit thick could be linked to genetics and the only issue with being too overweight is the inability to carry yourself around, its an executive feature of the system.

If you are a CEO or a boss in your company then its fine to have a thick body but once you still need to be mobile to earn then you need to do these few things to reduce in weight and size, min you, it will hardly work for people who are endomorth of you are mesomorth you might be 80% lucky.

Firstly, stop the intake of starchy foods such as Fufu, Banku, Cassava related foods, rice isn't excluded, rice has a lot of starch and with a little work done by you.

The energy will surely stay in your body and be converted to fat, reduce intake of rice and we a drastic drop in body mass.(this doesn't include people who are ectomorths).

Secondly, Reduce the intake of Sucrose, sucrose is a simple sugar that can reserve so so much energy in you and convert it to massive weight or fat in your body. Sugar can be replaced with honey if you can.

Thirdly, reduce the intake of sugary drinks and starchy cakes, these I have listed can easily make you overweight if you do not stop taking them, this doesn't exclude breadfruit popularly called 'bofrot' in Ghana.

Lastly, avoid eating processed foods such as sardines, imported chicken, these chicken have a lot of saturated fat in them and can easily make you obese, they can also result in you getting stretch marks due to the level of cholesterol in them. Instead eat, Beans, local Meat, Lettuce, Cabbage, Salad, drink more water, koose and porridge, coconut water, tea without milk, boiled eggs. You can only eat starchy food if you have lots of work to do.

Its good and healthy if fat grows in your thighs and legs than. In your stomach or chest, this results in heart problems and respiratory diseases if fat grows on the upper body, one may have their lifespan reduced by close to 28% if they grow fat at the upper part of their body.

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