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You've been harming yourself since- Stop shaking your penis after urinating

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Not much is written or spoken about private areas. But to begin with, the basic thing that all of us know is that vagina and penis are the most sensitive parts of a human body. However, apart from this did you know that there is a lot more about private organs that we all need to take good care of.

Yes, we agree that human bodies differ with each person, nonetheless there are some basic things that you must never do when dealing with private organs. Let us focus on penises in this article. You need to be extra careful when you are dealing with a penis.

Whether you are having too much sex, taking a shower or cleaning up, you need to be careful. A lot also depends on your food habits. If you want your penis to be healthy and perfectly functioning, you will have to also give up on several bad lifestyle habits.

Before you get all paranoid, listen to the reason why you should stop shaking your penis after urinating.

Most people shake their manhood after urinating as a means of cleaning it or removing the extra urine at the tip. It is very harmful and life threatening, many people haven't noticed that so have been harming themselves since.

Shaking your manhood can cause erectile disfunction which means it will be difficult for your manhood to erect or it might not erect at all. It also causes early ejaculation meaning during sex making, your sperms will release early meaning you won't enjoy it for long.

It also causes size problem of penis, body weakness and memory problem in the long run. All these problems won't make life enjoyable, this habit must be aborted if you don't want to face such problems.

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