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Impacts of Green Tea and Turmeric on HIV/AIDS

Impacts of Green Tea and Turmeric on HIV/AIDS 

Green tea has for some time been utilized as a natural solution for a large number of sicknesses through the ages, however it is just since it is being concentrated as a potential therapy for HIV. 

It was a compound in green tea considered EGCG that has taken the spotlight in research. The compound has been appeared to keep HIV from effectively official to CD4 cells. 

It is this underlying restricting that is the antecedent to the obliteration of CD4 cells and ensuing viral replication. 

Curcumin is the dynamic fixing in the turmeric plant and is the shade answerable for making the root yellow in shading. Turmeric has for quite some time been known to be mitigating, anti-microbial, cell reinforcement, and antiviral. It truly is a superfood for medication. 

It wouldn't have been long before somebody tried him for HIV. 

Studies have demonstrated it to be a powerful home solution for HIV. The curcumin in turmeric hinders contamination and the replication of viral qualities. It works by separating a protein called TAT which assumes a basic part in viral replication. 

Likewise, curcumin improves the impact of traditional enemy of HIV drugs while decreasing their results. Accordingly, adding turmeric to your eating routine should be a need. 

The exact system is as of now obscure, and more examination is being done to survey whether the EGCG compound in green tea could offer a scope of medications. 

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