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Take a Look At Some Traditional Medicines For Colds, Bronchitis, Ulcer And Constipation.

Hello my lovely readers, welcome back once again to my article page.

There are many traditional medicines for the treatment of different diseases in this world. Their extract treat various diseases like cold, bronchitis, Ulcer and constipation. Check some of these traditional medicines below;

1. Colds and Bronchitis

Combination of glycyrrhiza and ginger contain expectorant activity. They are used to treat cold and cough. Also, the leaves of anise fruit, garlic tulsi and eucalyptus are used to treat cold and bronchitis.

2. Ulcer and Constipation.

Dried extract of acacia and geum urbanum, leaves and backs of Hamamelis Virginian are all used to treat inflammation of colon.

Seed husks of plants, aloe vera and honey can help treat constipation.

The above are some traditional medicines that are used to cure many diseases like colds, bronchitis, ulcer and constipation.

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