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Preventive Measures Of Cholera

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Cholera is an acute intestinal infection caused by a bacterium called vibro cholerae which enters into one's system through ingestion of food or water contaminated with the bacterium.

It has a short incubation period of 2-3 days and produces an enterotoxin that causes large quantities, painless, watery diarrhea that can quickly lead to severe dehydration and death if treatment is not promptly given.

Predisposing Causes Of Cholera

1. Improper hand washing after visiting the toilet

2. Indiscriminate defecation

3. Cooking food in dirty environment

4. Poor environmental sanitation

5. Defecating around water bodies

6. Eating cold foods

7. Leaving bowls and plates unwashed

8. Gatherings such as funerals, naming ceremonies etc.

Signs and Symptoms Of Cholera

1. Abdominal pain

2. Acidosis

3. Diarrhea

4. Faeces has a mild fishy smell

5. Vomiting

6. Dehydration

Prevention Of Cholera

1. Health education on environmental sanitation to prevent the breeding of flies

2. Food should be eaten when still hot

3. Proper cooking of sea foods

4. Cover foods from flies

5. Proper waste disposal

6. Public gathering should be discouraged during cholera outbreaks

7. Proper toilets facilities should be made available to residents

8. Avoid buying foods from unhygienic environments

9. And finally, concurrent and terminal disinfection of vomitus and stools of an infected person.

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