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The Coronavirus vaccine: See reasons why Africans should never accept the vaccine.

The much anticipated coronavirus vaccine is out now and countries are looking forward to get vaccinated in order to get rid of the coronavirus. But some doctors and scientists are advising people to reject the vaccine.

This is the reason why the doctors say the vaccine should be rejected;

According to one of Zambian doctor named Dr Nevers Mumba, the vaccine is not proven scientifically safe and Africans especially zambians should not be injected with the vaccine. He said this in a live video where he emphasized that, Africa must declare that the vaccine is unsafe until it is proven to be safe by our own scientist and doctors.

Even though there was a news on CNN that President Biden has got a dosage of the vaccine, we are still not sure if what was given to President Biden is the same vaccine coming to us here in Africa. Therefore, Africa must rise against the vaccination schedule for days ahead.

Moreover, it is still not clear why it is written on the vaccine that this is not for distribution in the United States and this cannot be used in the European Union. Does it mean that they've got some other substandard stuff for we Africans or what. Africa must wise up and stop allowing our corrupt governments who are just looking for money from the West to be deceiving us.

Let us rise as individuals and stand firmly against the vaccine and demand that it should be verify scientifically and proven safe by our own scientists and doctors.

Don't just accept everything that comes to you without verifying it yourself.

Until the vaccine is proven safe by our own scientists and doctors, let's all declare that it is not safe for Africa.

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