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La General Hospital nearly caused my death

About five years I nearly died due to the incompetence of some nurses and a midwife. My water broke in the house at 9pm on 6th April 2015. I laboured and was in great pain. My husband rushed me to La General Hospital to deliver.

When I got there, they didn't take me serious. They didn't care about the pains I was going but rather left me on the bed and the nurses rather chatted for a long time. They didn't say a word. What kept me going was a prayer and a quotation that I was saying in my head. This bible quotation can be found in Psalm 118: 17; "I will not die but live to declare the Goodness of Jehovah".

Three hours passed, I was still lying on the bed just like that. One good Samaritan nurse showed up and gave me hope. She said kind words to me that melted my heart which was " God will surely see you through". At least I smiled for a while.

I couldn't bear the pain anymore and I was loosing my strength already because I laboured for a long time. My baby was almost out and the Good Samaritan Nurse rushed me to the labour ward.

One midwife showed up, I started pushing and screaming till I lost all my strength. Instead of the midwife encouraging me to push harder, she stood there and said that " if you can push, then be there". This was the exact words from her mouth. She folded her arms and looked at me. Fear gripped because I thought my baby and I would not leave the hospital alive.

Let me reveal the shocking part of my true story. My baby was a breech baby but the nurses who attends to me when I go to antenatal, never explained to me what a breech baby was.

Finally my breech baby came with his legs and the midwife pulled him out. I gave birth on the next day which was 7th April 2015 at 2am. You can just calculate the number of hours, I was in labour. It was my horror moment.

My baby was bathed by the same mid wife who nearly killed my baby by putting water in his nostrils whilst bathing him. All the babies who were born had cold or catarrh too because that midwife put water in their nostrils as well.

I shouldn't have being alive with my baby but God helped me. The over long pain that I felt went straight into my head. I was traumatized seriously for five years after I delivered my baby. Through the words and the support of my family and above all God's Word, I regain my strength to move on with my life but ever since that experience, I have not being able to give birth again.

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