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Beware of Super Gonorrhea. Is it avoidable and treatable ?

A chance healthful article that is very important that I want to share with you. 'Super Gonorrhea

Before then what Gonorrhea ?

Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted disease. One of the most widespread of STD' s.

It’s caused by bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which is usually found in penis discharge and vaginal fluid. 

Gonorrhea is treatable usually at he health centers.

Our Concern here is super gonorrhea?

According to The Sun and The independent uk

Super-gonorrhoea is a more severe strain of gonorrhoea, as medical director explains.

“So called ‘super gonorrhoea’ refers to strains of the infection that have become resistant to the antibiotics we usually prescribe to treat gonorrhoea; which means an alternative treatment needs to be found,” he tells The Independent.

Treatment for the disease usually involves having an antibiotic injection and an antibiotic tablet, with symptoms expected to dissipate within a few days.

To explain what they said it means that when gonorrhea is not treated properly, for a longer time it can now resist almost all forms of medication then it is now term "Super Gonorrhea".

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of gonorrhoea in men may appear within 10 days. However, often women affected by the disease experience no symptoms at all.

Men who’ve been infected with gonorrhoea may experience a yellow, white or green discharge from the penis, burning feeling during urination and swelling around the foreskin.

For women, they may notice a change in their vaginal discharge, a burning feeling during urination and excessive bleeding in between their periods.

To Prevent super gonorrhea from occuring. I may advice to practice save sex, stick to one partner, avoid unprotected sex if you are not married or abstinence.

Above all when you feel any sign of Gonorrhea seek early treatment from qualified health practitioner don't self medicate.

Super Gonorrhea is treatable according to the health expert. Consult your doctor don't give up.

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