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Save your Kidneys and prevent untimely death using these simple methods

The Kidney is a bean-shaped organ that is located at the side of the body. Kidneys are two pair at either sides of the body and are responsible for filtering and removing metabolic waste substances from the body. Due to its important function in the body, when it fails the body also fails.

When the kidneys fail, the body starts to experience abnormalities in many parts and other organs.

Functions of the Kidney

1. The Kidney controls the production of red blood cells.

2. It balances the body's fluids and also remove metabolic waste products from the body.

3. The Kidney is responsible for regulating blood pressure.

4. It also produces active form of Vitamin D that gives the bones optimum strength and keeps it healthy.

Diseases that Affect the Kidney

1. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

2. Glomerulonephritis (Injury to the part of kidney that filters blood)

3. Kidney Stones (formation of crystallised substance in the kidney)

4. Acute Kidney Injury

5. Pyelonephritis (Inflammation of the Kidney due to bacterial infection).

6. Chronic Kidney Disease

What Should I do to keep my Kidneys healthy

1. Drink Plenty water / Fluids: Taking the required amount of fluids keep the body hydrated and prevent the kidneys from stones. Build up of stones in the kidneys can cause acute injury to the kidneys.

2. Reduce too much intake of salt and sugar

3. Avoid smoking and alcohol intake

4. Avoid sedentary lifestyle and eat healthy.

5. Stop continous taking of Over the Counter medications that can harm the kidneys. Too much intake of drugs like paracetamol and ibuprofen can damage the kidneys.


When Kidneys are affected without any proper care, it can aggravate and cause harm. If Kidney disease becomes chronic, it becomes difficult to treat. Most at times, dialysis is required to reverse the kidneys back to normal. If it worsens, Kidney transplant is needed. There are many complications associated to Kidney disease. There could be death as well, therefore the Kidneys must be protected and kept well.

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