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Castor Seed As Contraceptive: Wrong Usage May Be Poisonous

You may have decided to try the castor seed as contraceptive. It is an interesting decision, but there is an issue we have noticed of late. Before you decide to use castor seed as contraceptive, you should make sure you have details about the seed and side-effects. Most importantly, you should always remember that there is consequence when you do not follow instruction in consuming a thing. Castor seed as contraceptive works but you should take it the right way.

Ricin In Castor Seed And Its Troubles

Really, there is a substance in Castor Seed that is called ricin and it is toxic to the body. Ricin is one of the most toxic substances known to humans. Fortunately, this ricin is more in the outer shell, that part that is hard and with dark brown spots.

Also, there is an amount of ricin in the inner white-like pulp, but when consumed in moderation, it does not present much toxicity.

Do Not Chew The Shell

The seed is only toxic if you eat the outer shell. Chewing the enter seed with the shell is where the issue is. If swallowed without chewing, it may not digest and that saves the individual the trouble.

It is a dangerous thing to swallow the seeds with the shell. This is because it may cause an acute and potentially fatal inflammation of the stomach and intestine.

Make sure you have enough information about something before you start using it. Follow me for more educative articles.

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