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Be care of this black mosquitoes at Be care of this black mosquitoes at home. Their bite can damage your brain

In case you're in Ghana, you've presumably seen that there is another mosquito around. High contrast striped, they have an extremely agonizing nibble and makes the most commotion. Actually, I saw them simply a year ago during the lockdown. In any case, my kin made me mindful they have been in the framework for a long while now and they are extremely irritating. 


They are known as the Asian Tiger Mosquitoes or Forest Mosquitoes. Undoubtedly, they have the right to be in the timberland. They are extraordinary species and begin from Southeast Asia and work during the daytime. 

The female Asian Tiger Mosquitoes regularly chomp during the daytime. Their nibbles are not excessively excruciating, but rather they can leave an irritated and red knock on the skin. Nonetheless, the male Asian Tiger Mosquitoes don't nibble and essentially feed on plant nectar. 


These creatures can communicate various sicknesses including Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), West Nile Virus, and Dengue infection. 

They have additionally known to be able to do, truth be told, sending Zika infection, an uncommon mosquito-borne illness that has advanced toward the United States. 

Zika infection can cause devastation. Mother-youngster transmission during pregnancy can cause microcephaly and other cerebrum distortions in certain children. In the event that the mind isn't framed well, its effectiveness and viability are tested. Moms ought to be cautious. 

They can likewise be explicitly sent by information from Wikipedia. 


They love to remain at places with stale water where the females can lay eggs careful in places like a window box, water basins, obstructed channels and stale water. 

Counteraction and Control 

The best method to wipe out and additionally secure yourself and your families from coming into contact with these destructive bugs are to subdue all standing water around your homes, for example, an infant pool, vases and open drains. The individuals who spend extended periods of time outside ought to think about wearing long jeans and sleeves, and use creepy crawly repellent. 

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