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If you see yourself swimming in a dream, this is what it actually means.

Have you ever dreamed of swimming in a river, lake, sea or the ocean before, then read this article to the end to discover the true meaning of that nightmare. Dreams are part and parcel of our daily lives. Our spirit leaves our bodies to experience the realities of the spiritual dimension when we sleep. This experience is normal for every human being. Maybe animals even dream. Who knows if every living creature on earth dreams about life?. Dreams are good occurrences to inform our lives of unseen development in the spirit realm. Every person must have a dream in his or her sleep to know the spiritual dimension of his future.

Every dream has its own interpretation according to the bible. The events and symbols in the dream will help the dreamer to interprete the dream properly. If you wrongly interprete your dream, the consequence of your action may not reflect the purpose of God for your life. It is therefore advisable to pray over every dream and seek direction from God on steps to follow to actualise the dream. A person dreamed of $8000 being handed over to him several years ago. The dream is still not fulfilled. The reason might be due to inadequate steps taken to bring the dream to pass. Intensive prayer is required to bring your dreams to pass especially if "those people" are fighting you spiritually. After your dream, wake up and pray to God to seek God's intervention to bring the dream to pass if its a good one or avert it if its a fiendish dream.

When you see yourself swimming in a river or the lake, its a nice dream with spiritual significance. But the interpretation may differ depending on the circumstances. That is why you must try hard to remember every single detail of your dream when you wake up from your sleep. This will help you to understand the true meaning of your dream. But don't forget to write the dream down in a small book to serve as remembrance. Now let's set the ball rolling.

When in a dream, you see yourself swimming in a clean pure uncontaminated river or lake below your knees, it signify the first level of spiritual anointing over your ministry, ambition or special calling. When the water is above your knees up to your chest, it means a very high spiritual progress as a minister of God. Be happy and keep working hard in the vineyard of the Lord. You have been uplifted by the lord in power and authority. This level is not common in our modern days. There are few unpopular pastors who possess this anointing because God gives it to genuine servants who are not enriching themselves and their families with the anointing at the expense of poor church members.

There is another higher level of swimming in a river when the water level is very deep up to your head and likely to cover your whole body. This is the ultimate anointing from heaven without measure. Jesus Christ operated in this level of anointing during his earthly ministry. Miracles and wonderful signs becomes a normal occurrence wherever you go as a minister. An overwhelming power from God has been imparted over your life and no demon or fallen angel can dominate your territory. This level of anointing brings thousands angelic soldiers as your protective angels and guardian soldiers. No weapon formed against you shall prosper all the days of your life.

But at this level, you must be very obedient to God in every minute instruction. This is because God himself may be present in your ministrations to bless your church members. So a small disobedience can bring immediate punishment without mercy. Too much spiritual authority in your hands require total obedience and commitment.

Remember how God punished Moses by preventing him from seeing the promise land when Moses strike the rock instead of pointing the rod at it. Remember how God punished the prophet at Bethel with death for eating food and drinking water from the forbidden town.

Swimming in a river is a great blessing if the water is clean and tidy. It signifies infilling of the holy spirit and power of God upon your life. Be serious with that dream and fast about it to bring it to pass. But if the water is dirty, unkempt and contaminated, it means your spiritual power is contaminated with sins and demonic influence. You need repentance and renew your mind to go back to the old path of holiness.

You may also see yourself swimming in an ocean or the sea. What this means is connection or link with the sea spirit or the marine powers. Try as much as you can to identify the people you were swimming with. These people maybe marine agents trying to connect you to the marine world of darkness.

Remember to pray after every dream and cover yourself with the precious powerful blood of Jesus Christ.

The holy bible specifically curse the inhabitants of the sea when Lucifer and the fallen angels who were cast out of heaven chose the sea as their place of habitation.( Revelation 12:12). So the sea and the ocean are places where big demons dwell. If you see yourself swimming inside the deep sea, don't jubilate over it. It maybe a sign of demonic possession. Seek direction from God's servants.

The scriptures is very clear on dreams and their spiritual significance. Seek for interpretation through prayers like Daniel in the scriptures. You can also seek the gift of dream interpretation from God through prayers and fasting. This gift will empower you to understand every dream of your life.

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