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Ghana imported Astrazenica vaccine from India but their cases are overwhelming

Covid 19 outbreak has halted so many activities in the world. Thousands of people have died as result of this virus. Economy of nations are melting down as solution to end the pandemic once and for all is still underway. It was a good news when vaccines were discovered as effective to battle the disease. The vaccines were tried and tested and was approved by the World Health Organisation for human use.

It was joy and happiness because the novel virus was destroying a whole lot of things and making standard of living difficult. Ghana, one of the countries that recorded high cases in Africa saw the breakthrough as a blessing and decided to import some of the vaccines to the nation. The first dose have been completed so far and the second dose is about to roll out. The exercise has been going on smoothly despite the little side effects encountered after taking the shot.

The Astrazenica vaccine was imported from India, a sister company that is based in India. They produced the vaccine under the brand name covishield. But India is suffering from the wave of the virus as the positive cases are going higher. The country has imposed countless lockdown but the cases are still escalating. As the saying normaly goes that the healer does not heal himself; why is India's cases surging despite the vaccine producing company in the country? Is there anything that is going wrong?

India as at today has recorded over 200,000 covid 19 deaths. The cases are overwhelming as the army have stepped in to provide oxygen. The cases keep increasing everyday notwithstanding the protocols and lockdowns.

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