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The Bible Never Meant Judgement Occurs Right After Death - This Is What Happens When One Dies

Photo: Bible verse which talks about judgement after death, Hebrews 9:27.

Although the Bible says that it is appointed unto man to die once and after death, there is judgement, it is important to note that the Bible did not really mean judgment occurs right after death. We are going to get to understand what really happens when one dies with respect to judgment subsequently.

Photo: A newly born baby with the mother.

However, it will be easier to understand what we are about to learn if we reflect on how and when we actually became aware of our existence after birth. You will bear with me that you cannot tell what happened when you were born; unless your mom actually told you, you couldn't have been aware of most of the events surrounding your birth. This is basically because at that time, you were not conscious of yourself nor your existence.

Photo: Illustration of a dead person.

The same principle applies to death. Just like we don't realize or have consciousness of the events surrounding your birth and even became fully conscious of ourselves at certain ages; when one dies, they lose consciousness and for that matter they lose memory of their existence.

You can easily compare it to sleeping without having a dream. In such types of sleep, you realize that until you wake up, you lose consciousness of yourself.

Hence, concerning the meaning of the biblical phrase, "it is appointed unto man to die once and after death, there is judgement", it is not as if immediately after you die, the judgment day follows.

However, the bible said so because although you may have died for about 2000 years, 20:years, etc., before the actual judgment day, but it will appear like judgement happened immediately after your death; since after one dies, they lose consciousness and their memory.

Photo: Illustration of death people rising from their graves.

Hence, to those who will be dead on the day of judgement, it will appear to them like they went off for few seconds, dey rose from their graves, and judgment followed.

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