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Opinions: 2 Reasons Everyone Believes This Lady Has The Best Natural Curves In Africa(21 photos)

If have ever been to a gym, then you can understand the difference between a good body and a great body, fitness is a way of life that you can't afford to joke with, but this lady has proven to most African women that a plastic or cosmetic surgery is not needed to get the desired body results.

Her name is Pearl Garavaglia, she a South African lady who has over 486k followers on Instagram and she also holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, which means this lady knows her worth with her beauty and brains. She is adored by fans for her physique which looks like nothing you have seen before and alot of fans believes she has the best natural curves in Africa, but what are the reasons for this belief?

1. She Has Turned Her Fat To Muscle

The emphasis on her lower body comes as a result of Fat convertion to muscle, some people may find it to believe that pearl was not a natural curves girl, from the size of her upper body, you can tell she is a slim person naturally, but exercise has turned the little fat on her lower body to muscle and that muscle doubled over time, making her butt look bigger as she maintains a good diet.

2. Her Choice Of Clothes

With all that muscl on her legs anything she wears will end up making her hips looks bigger, meanwhile it's not that big, on a contrary, it's just her legs that are big and not the hips not the butt. But this goes a long way in proving that physique enhancement can be achieved by hard work and dedication.

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