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How is Fish Scales Beneficial To Health And Other Aspect Of Life? Find Out

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There’s more to fish than just food, and thorough use of fish parts benefits both traditional and circular economy.

Fish scales, contains collagen that can be repurposed to provide both biomedical and sustainable benefits.

Collagen is the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues, and studies have found that collagen from fish scales promoted blood and lymphatic vessel formation when modified and applied to mice.

Its known to promote wound healing, but it also offers promise as a carrier of drugs that can enhance wound healing, such as growth factors.

Fish scales contain chitin, organic material that can be transformed into chitosan. Chitosan has multiple applications for biomedicine, dietary supplements and agriculture, for example. The most extreme applications include using chitosan as a repairing material for car paint coatings.

Currently, collagen used in biomedical products tends to come from mammals such as pigs, cows and sheep, which raises a number of cultural and health issues.

Another benefit of using fish as a source of collagen is the reduced costs compared to cowhide. Fish scales are readily available since they are regarded as waste products, and about 200 mg of collagen can be derived from 10 g of fish scales, which can be obtained from one or two fish.

However other part of fish such as the skin also contains collagen, a protein that is used in, for example, cosmetics to increase skin elasticity and strength. Collagen can also be turned into gelatine which is utilised in foodstuffs, like gummy bears, as a gelling component. Fish skin can also be cured and tanned for leather products like handbags or shoes. 

Fish bones also is an excellent source of different minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, and contain also collagen. The minerals can be used as raw materials in the chemical and fertiliser industries.

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