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2 Steps in over calming fear and anxiety in your life.

The following 2 steps may be your ticket to get rid of fear disorders and anxiety in your life.

Step 1: Learn more about your fear;

This first step can be the most difficult, but it is also absolutely necessary. You cannot overcome fear hidden in dusty areas of your subconscious. You have to deal with it. When you turn on your face in the direction of someone, you see that person and learn like what he is and how he acts. When you turn towards your fear (rather than staying away from it), you pay attention to things about your fear that you don't know before. This awareness helps you overcome it.

To help yourself deal with your fears and anxiety, try maintaining journals for two or three weeks. Record whatever pattern you notice. Do your hands turn into an institution and your stomach clenches when you hear the doorbell? Do you experience more symptoms of anxiety in the morning or night? What tends to do when your fear appears? Record anything that seems significant. Transferring your fear pattern and symptoms into writing can help eliminate it. They are no longer so big and cannot be overcome.

Most importantly, learn all about your fear gives you an overview of how to fight it.

Step 2: Use your imagination in a positive way;

Imagination is an extraordinary thing. This gives you strength, creativity, and the ability to think outside the box. Unfortunately, active imagination can be a dangerous tool when it causes you to think about negative things. Imagination You can enlarge your fear, make your situation look much worse than the truth.

Instead of letting your imagination guide you down the dark fear corridor, deliberately using it to overcome fear.

How did you do that? Choose a quiet moment when you relax and not anxious. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a situation that usually causes fear. For example, if you are afraid of getting lost in a crowded building, imagine yourself at a busy airport. Now, imagine yourself handling the situation with peace. You don't freeze and start crying. Instead, you are looking for a information desk or sign that will help you get back the taste of your direction. You imagine yourself to reach the right parking lot, unlock your car door, and drive at home safely without a bad incident.

The peace you experience in the scenario you imagine can actually help you pass the trials that are actually more peaceful.

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