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Lab scientist with the dream of curing cancer pleads for 16k pounds support for education

Lab scientist and prospective student, Enoch Baah is pleading for support to further his education in the UK. 

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Enoch indicated that it has always been a dream to find a cure for cancer. However, Enoch may fall short of his dream due to inadequate funds. The medical laboratory science degree holder added that he was offered admission to two schools in London and Scotland. 

“I don't want this offer to pass me by because I want to be a renowned onco-pathologist; that is to specialise in cancer. I don't want my dream to die out just like that,” he told the host, DJ Nyaami. 

Speaking on support from family, Enoch said “My parents don't make enough to support me. I take care of the family.”

“I went to GetFund to seek a scholarship, but I was told the scholarship admission had been closed for foreign schools. A friend also linked me to the scholarship secretariat but it was also closed. I asked if there was anyone to help but they said I'd have to do my part by paying part of the fees,” he added. 

Enoch got offers from the University of East London and the University of West Scotland. The tuition fee for the University of West Scotland is 14,900 pounds ad that of the University of East London is 14,600. 

Enoch is pleading with you to help in any little way to support his dream. Lectures begin on January 30 and Enoch hopes to be present but with your assistance. 

Kindly watch the full interview on YouTube: SVTV Africa

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