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Treatments to improve your liver function on an empty stomach.

Glass of apple cider vinegar

cleansing it of toxins, and balance your natural pH in order to improve your liver and gallbladder functions. A glass of warm water with lemon juice

It’s important that the water is always warm to help facilitate the detoxing process. Just add the juice from half a lemon to a cup of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning before breakfast.

You can do this for four consecutive days, and combine it with the next treatments we’ll tell you about.

A glass of organic apple juice

Apples contain malic acid, a mineral that’s great to improve your liver and gallbladder funtion. In this case, to make your detox more effective, we recommend drinking two glasses of organic apple juice on an empty stomach for two days, and wait a half hour before eating breakfast afterwards. It’s well worth trying it.

Grapefruit, garlic, and ginger

This combination might seem a little stronger than it appears thanks to its powerful ingredients. Garlic and ginger alone have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and when combined with the high vitamin C and mineral content of grapefruit, they make an excellent way to improve your liver and gallbladder function.

A tablespoon of olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice

This is something that we recommend all the time on this blog. The combination of olive oil and lemon helps stimulate the production of bile, while providing important minerals to the liver to strengthen it with the addition of vitamin C.

Say “yes” to dandelion tea

If there ever were a medicinal plant that helps improve your liver and gallbladder function, it’s the humble dandelion.

Dandelion improves digestion, increases the body’s production of bile, optimizes liver function, and fights inflammation, headaches, and general malaise.

The best time to enjoy a cup of dandelion tea is 10 minutes after your main meal of the day. Just prepare it using 10 grams of dandelion with a cup of water, and sweeten it with a little bit of honey. It’s delicious.

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