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Watch Video of a Crab that smokes cigarettes like human which has got people talking

Miracles they said never end and that have been appeared in a Crab, a semi-sea-going scavanger that puts on the attributes of a person. 

In a video spotted by PARADISE NEWS couple of weeks prior, a new scene was allotted with a Crab smoking a cigarette. 

Acting like a person, the crab was not just smoking, it was additionally observed taking the stick of cigarette into it chest (opening). 

The video which Our Reporter was seen to have been taken from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, following the language being spoken out of sight, had the crab in a wild eyed way of life that left everybody speculating. 

The crab was hauling the consuming cigarette with fire and crushing the smoke out of it nostril, something accepted to be finished by just people. 

It was holding the stick with it paws, smoking it lavishly prior to bringing it profound into it opening. 


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