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Pastor Kelvin Says Jesus Christ Can Heal Coronavirus

Pastor Kelvin Odoom has opened with his faith and he said he knows the God whom in his infinite wisdom created the universe. He said his God Lord Jesus Christ can heal every disease. I have seen God healing many diseases so why can't he heal covid 19 as many think.

I have seen many people whom through prayers got healed of the virus a day after they got infected. Why are people not dying in Ghana as compared to other countries ?

The government has done his part by giving us the safety protocols to abide to,but it is not all about the safety protocols. He said the grace of God is keeping Ghana safe. Ghana was not and is not destined to get any case of coronavirus. It was the people abroad who came with the disease to Ghana here. The church is not a manufacturing hub for the virus but a healing hub for the virus. The first thing the devil does is to keep you in fear.

As you can see there is no new variants of Indian virus in the country,so the government must keep it's fingers cross and be very vigilant about it. We know we have a good president is doing much to protect the people. Let's pray God inspires him with more ideas to keep the country running safe. If there was no Ebola in Ghana,then there shouldn't be any variants,he asserted.

We don't blame anyone or any government about the covid 19 because the enemy brought it a pandemic. Ebola was an epidemic in Africa. But to what I know is that Ebola is ten times deadlier than covid 19 and if Ghana did not record any case of ebola in 2014/2015, then it means we can do away with virus perfectly.

Let's all not shun prayer especially the prayers for the nation because I know my Lord Jesus is a miracle working God and I have seen so many miracles from him.

May God bless mother Ghana and make our nation great and strong.

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