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Mark my words: I see the end of Corona Virus in March 2022 - Prophet Amoako Atta declared.

The words from the Prophet must not be denied. We know that, God use his prophet to tell his mind and intentions to the people so that they can know what is ahead of them and what is to come in the near future. One of the world deadly pandemic we are all complaining about is the World wide Corona Virus.

The adverse impact of Corona Virus in affected nations, states and country cannot be said. In fact, Coronavirus have done was worse than Good. But the pain is gradually coiling into it's shells. The happiness this morning from Prophet Amoako depicts his prophesy about the end of Coronavirus in the world most especially in Ghana.

Prophet Amaoko Atta have declared and it is one record. His prophecies always come true and we know him for that purpose. Prophet Amoako Atta is the leader and founder of the Lord's Parliament house Chapel in Accra.

The man of God appeared on Angel TV this morning 28th September 2021 as he was hosted by Kwemina Sambiney. The man of God declared and prophesy that, the end of Coronavirus is near and Ghanaians should not panic Again. He stated that, Ghanaians should mark his words and note the date that the event will take place.

"Mark my words, I can see the end of Coronavirus in 28th March 2022. This is the word of God and it must be on record. Jesus Christ turned water into wine to show that, the end is better than the beginning. Therefore, the end to coronavirus is near and it will happen in 2022." - Prophet Amoako Atta declared.

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