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The Food You Eat Can Affect You If You Don't Know Your Blood Group-Dr. Kankam Cautions

Dr. Owusu Kankam in an exclusive interview with Oheneba Media cautions every individuals to know their blood group before eating any kind of food. He explains there are four types of blood groups which includes blood group A, B, AB and O, each blood group has a specific food they suppose to eat to help them get good health and there are food which are also not good for their health.

He highlighted on the type of foods the various blood group type should not consume. According to Dr Kankam people with Blood group A should stay away from food with too much pepper, oranges, melons and strawberries to avoid stomach problems. He also said according to scientific research Cabbage, Banana and food made from maize is not good for individuals with blood group O.

Dr. Kankam said coconut water is good for the heart and the performance of men in bed but people with blood group O shouldn't consume it because it is not good for them. He continued that blood group AB shouldn't consume white rice to prevent certain illnesses. He gave an advice to everyone that they should make sure to know their blood group before eating the right food. He said everyone should drink warm water early in the morning and before bedtime to help your digestive system.

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