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How Sugar And Honey Can Help Your Wounds Heal

As surprising as it sounds, it's true. Sugar and honey have been scientifically proven to help wounds heal much faster. Who knew sugar cam do more than sweeten porridge?

Sugar has antibacterial effects against organisms such as Escherichia Coli, Streptococcus Cans. These organisms enhance tissue growth and promote rapid wound healing.

When applied to a wound, the sugar granules soak up any moisture that allows bacteria to thrive. Without the presence of bacteria, the wound heals much faster.

To apply on a wound, be sure to cover the wound completely with a lot of sugar before applying a bandage. The bandages must be changed at least twice a day. Effects would be noticed immediately as pain reduces drastically.

Honey is more effective when compared with sugar due to it's properties. It's increased osmolarity draws fluid and lymph from underlying tissues and this fluid provides nourishment to the healing wound.

Also, it's pH of 3.6 to 3.7 creates a desired acidic environment that has been shown to decrease bacterial growth, increase fibroblast activity and increase oxygen release. All this further promotes healing.

To use honey, it is recommended to pre-soak bandages instead of pouring directly on the wound. This is because it's sticky consistency is a little difficult to handle.

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