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Treatment for Syphilis and Vaginal Discharge (Read)

 Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another article which talks about Vaginal Discharge

We all know or have heard of how dangerous SYPHILIS could deal with our health if we leave it untreated.

Syphilis can make you mad, give you joint pains, cause blindness and deafness to our children.

SYPHILIS can make you go through pains that you will blame it on your village people.

SYPHILIS has different stages and can be passed on from generation to generation. I call it the generational curse

Wouldn't you rather cure it with Cheap and Available Grass Before it's wrecks havoc in your family?

This grass is called Bermuda grass ,doob grass, couch grass, wire grass or Bahamas grass. It's a creeping plant. Botanical name is Cynodon Dactylon.

It is called kooko-igba in Yoruba. It contains calcium, phosphorus potassium and protein. It controls blood sugar, it is a strong immune booster. It treats polycystic ovarian syndrome etc.

Here is how to use it to treat SYPHILIS

Uproot some grasses with the roots

Dry and pound to make it into powder and keep in an airtight container.

Put one tablespoon in a cup of hot water, stir and let it cool.

Squeeze one lemon into it and drink. Do this twice a day for 15 days and you will be completely fine. Apply this Same method for vaginal discharge.

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