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After 24 cases of "Flurona virus" in Brazil, Medical experts to take flu and Covid tests

January 5, 2022

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Tests will be done to assess whether cases classified as flu are not, in fact, from Covid-19.

After confirming 24 cases of "Fluorona" (double contamination by Covid and flu) in the city of São Paulo, the Municipal Health Department will start this Wednesday (4) the application of simultaneous tests in all people who present symptoms of flu syndromes and seek health clinics.

Anyone with flu symptoms, even mild ones, will be tested to see if they have Influenza or Covid-19. There is also the possibility that the patient is doubly contaminated.

What the municipal administration wants to know is whether this increase in attendance at the clinics, estimated at nearly 40,000 a day, is related only to the spread of the H3N2 Darwin virus, the new strain of flu that is causing an explosion in cases, or to the advancement of the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus. Or if the capital experiences an explosion of “Fluorona” cases.

“Our concern, in addition to Influenza, is the circulation of Omicron in the city. Starting tomorrow [Wednesday], we are going to test everyone to see if, in addition to the number of flu, the number of Covid cases is increasing," said Luiz Carlos Zamarco, deputy executive secretary of VEJA São Paulo. Municipal Health Department.

This Wednesday afternoon, a batch of 300,000 tests sent by the Ministry of Health will be distributed to nearly 500 UBSs (basic health units), 20 UPAs (emergency care units) and 12 AMAs (outpatient medical assistance).

+Immune system of vaccinated and reinfected people resists microorganisms.

“We are going to test everyone who is asymptomatic in the health units”, said Zamarco.

According to the assistant secretary, the positive cases will undergo a new RT-PCR test (known to be the WHO gold standard for detecting Covid-19) and the samples will be sent for genetic sequencing. Previous assessments carried out by sentinel units indicate that Omicron is already responsible for 50% of new Covid-19 cases in the city of São Paulo.

Influenza more than doubles

The city of São Paulo already has 2,817 cases of Influenza confirmed by tests since December 30, 2021, the date on which mass testing began at health centres.

So far 11,768 tests have been applied. The 2,817 positive cases (25%) represent one in four.

The index is practically the same as in the first assessment, with data from December 30 and 31, when 1,341 cases were detected out of a total of 5 321 exams applied.

The tests are part of a batch of 150 000 exams acquired by the City of São Paulo specifically to determine whether people with flu-like symptoms are contaminated by the Influenza virus.

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