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Burn stomach FAT within 1 WEEK without any excercise or excessive dieting.

Having and maintaining a flat stomach is one task that has been proving difficult for us ladies, especially after the pandemic. Obviously during the lockdown no one was thinking about how fit they looked or how flat their stomach was,so now that we are somewhat returning, slowly, to a normal society, fitness is back in the chat.

I know people that go on very excessive diets and fast days on end to burn stomach fat but it is very important to do that the healthy way.

These including ;

1.Drink a lot of water;Water has been proven to have a lot of benefits, getting rid of fat is in that list.It washes out toxins and insoluble fats that will not be needed in the body.

2.This may sound a bit farfetched but drinking too much alcohol can increase belly fat.The occasional alcohol in wines and stuff is fine but excessive drinking must be avoided.

3.Also,avoid eating sugary foods all the time.Whether it be snacks,drinks or food in general, taking in less sugar means your body produces less fat.Therefore the chances of belly fat forming is low.

Thanks so much for reading, I will see you in the next one. Also thank you guys so much for 300 followers.


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