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Use This Grass To Treat Poison, Ulcer and Other Diseases.

King Grass is a fast growing, high yield, hybrid grass that grows in a variety of soil conditions and does not compete with food crops. King Grass is perennial and can be harvested several times per year. Therefore it has a high potential for ethanol production in tropical countries. This grass has different names including Sudan grass, elephant grass depending on the region. It's botanical name is Pennisetum purpureum. Just like its many names, it also has several benefits including the following.

1. It improves men sexual Health

The king grass is a plant that Helps to improve male libido and prevents/helps premature ejaculation. It helps to restore weak erection in Men and enhances men sexual power.

If you are a man who suffers sexual weakness, just get this grass, wash it clean, extract the juice or tea and drink it.

2. A solution for women fertility problem

Fertility problem is a painful experience that women go through. The birth of a child is a life joy that is worth having as a woman. Women looking for the fruit of the womb should make use of king grass, blend or squeeze. Drink this juice on daily basis.

3. Good for weight loss

The flowers are a good solution for weight loss. Combine a hand-full of the flower with seeds of alligator pepper and chew it together. It brings about frequent urination. Body system matters if you feel you aren’t urinating often you can increase the intake of both the flower and alligator seeds.

4. It subdues Ulcer pains.

Ulcer Patients should consider king grass as a remedy because it is effective in action.

Extract the juice and drink. You can add little honey to make it tasty.

5. It stops Diarrhea

The leaves are prepared as soup with enough pure red oil (unbleached palm oil), with enough spices, and eaten without food in enough quantity to stop DIARRHEA.

6. Makes Childbirth Delivery Easy

Helps facilitate the delivery process, if a pregnant woman takes tea prepared from this plant regularly at the last month of pregnancy and and at the beginning of labour.

7. Acts as an antidote for poisoning

It fights all forms of poisonings. Just cut several tips of this plant and chew it. Or squeeze the juice out and drink it.

Note that, most victims vomit after taking it.

8. Stops Injury from bleeding

If you have an injury apply this plant paste and juice. Smash or squeeze the plant into a paste and apply paste on both fresh and old wounds for healing... It's a powerful antibiotic.

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